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Tuesday, November 8, 2022 (#312)

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2024-05-11 No known problems. We are working on improving the upgrade and migration processes, and restoring our custom graphics.
There are no known issues.

Today has been a mess of interruptions so I didn't get much chance to work on the issues, but here's a quick summary of where we are:

  • images sometimes will upload, but sometimes take effectively forever
  • This may be due to needing an upgrade; see clar fon's post.
  • Doing a site upgrade was already high on my priority queue; it's now the main thing.
  • The obstacle, however, is that the failsafe upgrade script set up for me by ghost!admin isn't working.
  • That script is written in Nix (the entire site is now running under NixOS), so in order to debug it I need to understand a bit more about Nix.

I put the tech stuff in a subpage: /Nix issue


  • The server was costing $48/mo (DigitalOcean).
  • Last night, I doubled the CPU and RAM (to 8vCPUs, 16 GB RAM); we're now burning $96/mo, as long as I keep it at that level.
    • It's not actually clear how much it helped. I'll have more data to look at after a day or two. The queue was getting longer all this afternoon, after having gotten almost cleared this morning.
  • I'm not sure exactly what the current revenue is.
    • A lot of new donations came in over the past week; I'm not sure what portion were one-time.
    • Prior to this week, monthly revenue was somewhere around $80-110. If that keeps up, then we go from "having a little extra for personal support" to "maybe breaking even".
    • I... should probably talk about my [family's/personal] financial situation at some point, but that gets complicated. TLDR: overworked, underfunded, unemployed.
  • Yes, I do plan to do some fundraising -- but I kind of want to fix things first.