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Tuesday, March 31, 2020 (#91)

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2022-11-20 P.M. Viv completed the upgrade and restored our custom icon yesterday.
Up next: documenting/smoothing the upgrade process, so specialized knowledge is not required.

  • 19:41 I'll be taking toot.cat down for a major upgrade in just a couple of minutes. Watch this space for any status changes.
  • 19:51 Server is shut down. Taking a snapshot because I'm paranoid about not being able to fix things quickly if something doesn't work after the resize. It's never happened yet, but the one time I don't do it is the time when it will happen. The message said it could take "up to an hour depending on the size of your hard drive", ocelot. :-E ...sorry about that.
    • We're probably going to move over to ash's server soon, but I need to set up a home system running zfs so we can do instantaneous snapshots. This upgrade is a temporary fix to deal with the higher loads we've apparently been experiencing.
  • 20:24 Snapshot looks to be about 3/4 done (why the heck doesn't DigitalOcean give a percent and an ETA?) After this, I have to resize the disk, which will probably take about as long again.
  • 20:35 Snapshot done; resizing. "Resizing can take up to 1 minute per GB of data used by your Droplet." We've got a mostly-full 80 GB drive to resize with, so about an hour.
  • 21:02 Back online!