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  • Ownership: Mew is operated and hosted by woozle, sysadmin of (hopefully soon to be joined by a team of others from across the fediverse).
  • Code of Conduct:'s CoC will be enforced here as well.
  • Disclosure: Any profile information you enter on Mew (including, notably, your email address) will be accessible to database sysops (currently woozle alone, but this may change), although not accessible to admins of Mew (the wiki).
  • Warrant Canary: in the event of a subpoena, we will follow our conscience as regards how much to reveal both to authorities and to the community. We have not received any such requests as of this writing, and (at a minimum) this sentence will be removed in the event that we do.


This site is a compromise.

There are some specific tools I wanted to have in place first, but the need for something like this appears too urgent to wait any longer.

The social fediverse (of which Mastodon is currently by far the largest piece) needs anchors – reference points that don't just flash by in a stream and become practically impossible to find.

This wiki is a first-pass at providing an anchor, and for exploring and modelling methods of doing that.


Other sites with a cat theme:


  • 2018-03-30 (Fri) Installed MediaWiki last night and got it mostly configured; got image uploads working and some explanatory content; still trying to figure out a good way to have some pages public and most pages not.