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I'm mainly putting this here to try and sort out why Let's Encrypt is failing on The HTTP verification requests are being sent to 2604:a880:400:d0::1a63:2001:, which appears to be the correct server (cloud1)...

name type value
* AAAA 2604:a880:400:d0::2354:2001 AAAA 2604:a880:400:d0::2354:2001 AAAA 2604:a880:400:d0::1a63:2001 A AAAA 2604:a880:800:a1::126e:6001 A A
* A


name IPv4 IPv6 2604:a880:400:d0::2354:2001 2604:a880:400:d0::1a63:2001 2604:a880:800:a1::126e:6001