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This is a Ukraine-based (.ua TLD) instance which was apparently targeted on 2023-02-23 by Russian ops trying to discredit it and cause other instances to defederate from it. Someone created an account with the name "Adolf Hitler", and there was another account which appeared to be automatically following random fedi users. TootCat blocked both of those accounts but took no action against the instance.


  • 2023-02-23 « Thank you, all, for a report on the account with the name Hitler – the account was suspended [..] As a moderator, I have checked the account (in fact three accounts were created today) – most likely it is part of Russian hybrid warfare as accounts pretended to be Ukrainians, but digital traces (the interface is Russian, Russian naming of other accounts, Russian hostname while IP location is in Warsaw) [..] Please, be careful, and thanks, for reporting!»