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About is a Mastodon instance. Although we have had positive interactions with some of its users, the admin (@jeff) apparently needed some education about the problem with "free speech" in fedi moderation. The problematic account has apparently been removed as of 2023-01-21 afternoon.



2023-01-19 21:20 posted screenshots of transphobic comments by (account now suspended)


2023-01-20 13:47 said:

Limiting for not taking action on a transphobic user, and will move to suspension if their inaction persists.

What is it about "journalism" instances that make them incapable of enforcing their own rules against transphobia?

2023-01-20 17:01 (moderator) said:

Because limiting speech you don't like or disagree with is limiting legitimate public discourse. If it's respectful and in good faith.

There were many good replies to Jeff's comment.