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2020-07-22 Domain unblocked

...after repeated (but patient and reasonably polite) inquiries from their sysop Inex Code, I told them[1] basically this (but referring to them in 2nd person):

The negative

The one lead I was able to get on this domain said:

  • The main admin is known to follow people on domains that are often considered problematic, specifically, ", and the admin's own domain (
  • The second admin is, which is another often-blocked domain and a quick glance at that profile in early July apparently showed direct communications with users on, freespeechextremist, kiwifarms, and other frequently blocked domains.

I don't know anything about neckbeard, but "free speech extremism" does tend to refer to a lot of very toxic forms of advocacy, and kiwifarms is, from all reports, just plain evil.

That said...

Merely being willing to engage in dialogue with toxic people does not necessarily mean that one is toxic. I do not wish to promote a culture of fearing guilt-by-association.

Additionally, I have no idea of the nature of the contact; was naiji interacting approvingly with those folks, or in an appropriately skeptical manner? Is it happening in a way that causes nastiness to populate the timeline, if I federate with it?

Ultimately, I think that should be up to my userbase to decide -- and this time, if there are incidents, we will document them for future reference.

At this point, due primarily to a lack of documentation of what incident(s) triggered the current block: I've reversed it (with this page as a log of my reasoning), and we will just watch carefully for any future issues with it.


  1. 2020-07-22 reply to Inex Code