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front page of is an ActivityPub instance running on the Soapbox software. As of 2022-11-26, its slogan – "Now With 41% More Misgendering!" – appears to be a joke about the trans suicide rate. TootCat has suspended them for that reason. They also appear to be a freeze peach instance, which would also be sufficient grounds for at least a silence.

From their "about" page:

What won't get you banned:

1. Hurting someone's feelings.
2. Unpopular opinions voiced respectfully.
3. Anything that can be solved by a personal block.
4. Cursing.
5. Lewd jokes.
6. A bot where all posts are unlisted.

As with most freeze peach ideas, these may sound reasonable on the surface but actually promote abusive behavior and prevent many from being able to actually speak freely.