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Eightpoint.app (8P) is a Mastodon instance that raised numerous alarm-flags for us almost immediately without crossing any obvious lines. I silenced them on 2022.12.14.



Timestamps are according to archive.org, probably UTC.

  • 2022.12.09: moderator is no "12of47", a user who also had a TootCat account. The following record is not intended as criticism of that user:
    • .12.07 19:46: toot.cat/@12of47 «thinkin about moving to eightpoint as our primary server. Let´s see if we can»
    • .12.07 21:57: toot.cat/@12of47 «will be spending most of our time on 12@eightpoint.app now, go follow us there, cuties»
    • .12.09 09:46: toot.cat/@12of47 «every single person who worked to get http://eightpoint.app shut down, we curse you to never find a home, to always feel fucking isolated from every space you ever exist in, to never feel safe to be yourself, as you are doing to us»
    • .12.09 14:08: toot.cat/@12of47 (three similar posts later) «we are now the new owner of http://eightpoint.app! We are fucking Kallai, and we will never die to the actions of the fash»
    • 12of47 (eightpoint.app/@12) remains admin of 8P as of 2022.12.20. (Whoever owns the domain and the server, of course, retains ultimate control, and we don't know who that is.)
  • 2022.12.07: moderator is now "@admin" (screenshot)
  • 2022.11.20 - .12.04: 8P comes back online (.12.04), apparently with a software upgrade
    • the distinctive 8-point star logo is in the site header at 05:42:29 but has reverted to default Mastodon artwork by 21:17:47
    • moderator is now Terra - account exists from 11-16 to .12.09, gone as of .12.14
  • 2022.11.18 - .11.20: 8P goes offline sometime during this span (.11.18, .11.20)
  • 2022.11.12 earliest online presence of 8P on archive.org (screenshot)
  • 2022.10.28 domain is first registered