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About is a Mastodon instance created by/for the Bylines Network, with Yorkshire Bylines as the primary poster currently. While they appear to be firmly reality-based, they also appear to have had rather poor judgement regarding moderation.


  • 2023-01-17 blocked for transmisia -- I guess they were still being too light in moderating the fash. —W.
  • 2023-01-03 Effective shunning (via) «One of the bonuses of being on Mastodon is the fediverse is actually strong about crushing bad actors. A shiny new newspaper out of Yorkshire trying to make it in an online world published a lazy, stupid opinion piece about trans people — it’s England, you know, the place is infested with transphobes — and got slammed hard for it.»
    • Note: I have not been able to find the opinion piece described. —W.
  • 2023-01-02 «If we can establish a consensus that trans men are men and trans women are women, it is likely to add to the safety of all as it increases the open-mindedness of society and challenges fears and divisions »
    • linked: 2023-01-02 Transgender rights: everything old is new again «Whenever any section of society starts to stand up for its rights it faces a barrage of criticism and people come up with some very overblown theories about what will go wrong if we start treating them more reasonably.»
    • A user reported this post, concerned that it represented an invitation to (re)open "debate" on whether trans people are who they say they are:
      • It's entirely understandable to be concerned about any framing of trans rights as a "debate", but I think this post is more about seeking to establish a solid consensus against the the idea that such debate is legitimate -- where the purpose of "consensus" in this context is that nobody can get away with pretending there's any serious debate on the matter. Looking at a smattering of other posts on the instance and on the Yorkshire Bylines site, they seem solidly reality-based. —W.