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analysis of QOTO email


Freeman suggests that any claims of QOTO supporting hate speech and/or bad science are the work of one or more saboteurs, pointing in particular to one former QOTO user ("Snow") whom he specifically believes did intentionally sabotage the site by creating sockpuppet accounts on QOTO after being banned.

EDITING STILL IN PROGRESS (just saving my work)


«attempts to lie about our policies by some users we blocked for hate speech»

  • No receipts provided.
  • Does not specify what those users said that was untrue, but merely attempts to ad hominem them by implying they posted hate speech.

«Snow, some years back, was blocked for hate speech and he began a campaign against us spoofing various users claiming we accept hate speech on our instance and other outright lies.»

  • No receipts (links, screenshots, quotes) provided.

«...[many years ago] the LGBTQ community was being attacked and they fled, en masse to our server...»

  • This seems unlikely to me. Mastodon was first deployed in 2016, and when I first encountered it in 2017 most sites were very LGBTQ-friendly (and often run by LGBTQ people). QOTO did not come online as a Mastdon instance until mid-2018, and was fairly small for some months after that