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Red Flags

TootCat will block individuals and instances who persistently raise these flags:

  • Punching down: it's not okay to punch down, and it's okay to call out people who are doing it.
    • In general, "punching down" means criticizing people who are underprivileged or have less power than you.
    • Examples:
      • making fun of nontraditional pronouns [1]
      • deliberately misgendering someone, especially a trans person
  • Using "free speech" as an excuse (free speech trolling)
    • Freedom of speech just means the government can't stop you from saying things.
    • It does not mean freedom from consequences if you say something obnoxious or hurtful.
    • It does not mean that any private venue is required to give you a platform.
    • One opinion is not as good/valid as any other if one of them is harmful.
      • Inaccuracy of factual details is often (but not always) a cause of harm, as it can lead to maltreatment of others. Truth matters.