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text2toot is a connector which allows posting to Mastodon via texting from your phone. It was written by ash on 2019-01-25 and the source code is available on GitHub. It requires Twilio, or some other similar phone system back-end, to send and receive the texts.

In theory, it can be used with any instance. We had it enabled on toot.cat for a few months, but there was very little interest and it became a technical liability.


  • (no command, media attached)
    uploads media to instance for inclusion in next toot
  • clear_media
    clears currently pending attachments
  • post.visibility[[content warning]] post content
    sends toot, additionally including any pending media
    • visibility is optional; defaults to global
    • content warning is optional; defaults to none
  • register [instance] [token]
    sets current login
  • notify subscribe
    subscribes to mention notifications
  • notify unsubscribe
    unsubscribes from mention notifications